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Aromatherapy Products and Essential Oils Online

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Aromatherapy Products and Essential Oils Online


Your one stop world-wide supplier on the net for occult and new age merchandise.
E-mail: abaxion@abaxion.com; Website: abaxion.com

Amaranthine Aromatics

Essential oils, aromatherapy and more.
Toll-Free 800-842-8609
E-mail: amaran@amaranthine.com; Website: amaranthine.com

Amrita Aromatherapy

It is Amrita's mission to provide the highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products.
Tel 800-410-9651
E-mail: info@amrita-essentials.com; Website: amrita-essentials.com

Aroma Land

Toll-Free 800-933-5267
E-mail: info@aromaland.com; Website: aromaland.com

Aroma Pleasures

Long burning, scented votives (over 50) and candle accessories.
E-mail: aromapleasures@yahoo.com; Website: aromapleasures.com


Fragances, perfumes, colognes and giftsets.
Website: aromaboutique.com

Aromatheraphy Essentials for Bath and Body

Bath and body therapeutic goods. Gift certificates available on-line.
Toll-Free 888-802-7662
E-mail: info@aromaessentials.com; Website: aromaessentials.com

Aromatherapy Marketplace

Your resource for the finest quality 100% pure and authentic essential oils.
Toll-Free 800-537-1300
E-mail: michele@aromamarket.com; Website: aromamarket.com

Auric Blends

Exotic perfume oils, incense, henna tattoos, candles.
Tel 800-882-7247
E-mail: alwood@auricblends.com; Website: auricblends.com

Bassett Aromatherapy

Diffusers, essential oils, synergies, hydrosols, body, bath & massage oils and much more.
Toll-Free 800-738-8678
E-mail: joanne@aromaworld.com; Website: aromaworld.com


Candles of all shapes and sizes to light up your home or make that romantic dinner special, plus bath and body products.
Toll-Free 877-352-6353
E-mail: questions@candlemart.com; Website: candlemart.com


Standards, pillars, aromatherapy, votives, jars, oil lamps, decorative, specialty, incense, holders, accessories and more.
118 Christopher St, New York, NY, Toll-Free 888-823-4823
E-mail: thecandleshop@candlexpress.com; Website: candlexpress.com

Earth Solutions

Offers a complete line of diffusers, candles, beaded crafts, hemp and recycled paper air fresheners, nourishing skin products, and pure essential oils.
Toll-Free 800-883-3376
E-mail: customerservice@earthsolutions.com; Website: earthsolutions.com

Mango and Salsa

Features Aromatherapy of Rome products.
E-mail: sales@mangoandsalsa.com; Website: mangoandsalsa.com


Nature products. Healthy advice.
Website: mothernature.com

Mr. Potpourri

All natural fresh potpourri and potpourri oils.
Toll-Free 888-521-0101
E-mail: richard@mrpotpourri.com; Website: mrpotpourri.com

Norfolk Lavender

Fine English fragrances, home fragrance, essential oils & herbal therapy, and more.
Toll-Free 800-352-8777
Website: norfolklavender.com

Precious Aromatherapy

Essential oils, home fragrances, aromatic jewelry and more.
Toll-Free 800-877-6889
E-mail: paula@aromatherapy.com; Website: aromatherapy.com

Scented Secrets

Aromatherapy essential oils, gifts and scented candles.
E-mail: scentedsecrets1@aol.com; Website: scentedsecrets.co.uk