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Decorative Hardware (brass, Antique) Manufacturers

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Decorative Hardware (brass, Antique) Manufacturers

Al Bar-Wilmette Platers

Specialize in restoring historic hardware and metal fixtures.
Tel 800-300-6762
E-mail: info@albarwilmette.com; Website: albarwilmette.com

Amore Drapery Hardware

Metal Drapery Hardware cast from Recycled Materials
Tel 281-440-0123
Fax: 281-440-0214; Website: amoredraperyhardware.com

Anne at Home

Pewter hardware offerings include cabinet knobs and pulls, hooks, vanity top accessories, and bath hardware.
Tel 888-371-2600
Website: anneathome.com

Atlast Homewares

Artistic cabinet and bathroom hardware, doorknockers, house numbers, switch plates and so much more!
Tel 800-799-6755
E-mail: atlasinformation@atlashomewares.com; Website: atlashomewares.com


Collection of beautiful locks, lighting and accessories.
Tel 800-566-1986
Website: baldwinhardware.com


Bauerware is home to thousands of whimsical cabinet knobs and pulls
E-mail: inquiries@Bauerware.com; Website: bauerware.com

Clark & Barlow

High quality building material and decorative hardware.
Website: clarkandbarlow.com

Conso Products

Window Trimmings and Hardware Products
Tel 800-845-2431
Website: conso.com


A complete proprietary line of decorative housewares including cabinet knobs, tile, shower hooks, napkin rings, switchplate covers, magnets, push-pins, wine charms, house numbers, door knockers, door bells and bath hardware.
Tel 718-466-4650
E-mail: sales@emenee.com; Website: emenee.com

Kirsch Window Fashions

Blinds, shades and window hardware that Define Elegance
Tel 800-538-6567
E-mail: info@kirsch.com

Paris Texas Hardware

High End Drapery Fixtures
Tel 800-540-7637
Website: psristexashardware.com


Design and manufacturer of sculptural collections of distinctive decorative hardware and accessories
Tel 888-828-7656
Website: sokostudio.com

Steptoe & Wife Antiques, Ltd.

Architectural Restoration Products
Tel 800-461-0060
Fax: 416-780-1814; E-mail: info@steptoewife.com
Website: steptoewife.com

Wer Design

Designs and manufacturer of kitchen, bath and cabinet decorative hardware, including cabinet pulls and knobs, toilet tissue and towel holders, and various accessories.
E-mail: info@werdesign.com; Website: werdesign.com