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Internet Search Engines and Directories

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Internet Search Engines and Directories


..."in a nutshell, Beaucoup is different because the engines listed on the main site (all but the category "Shopping", are what I call "free information" sites -- that is, they offer up a *lot* of information, not simply lists of commercial products or services."
Website: beaucoup.com


A great metasearch although it seems that the paid search engines (where the advertisers have to pay to be listed) come up first. Hmmm.
Website: dogpile.com


"FindWhat.com is "a better way to search" because it is one of the easiest, fastest, most efficient search engines available"
Website: findwhat.com


INSANE! You can win daily on this engine. "iWon, as a portal, can take advantage of multiple sources of revenues - advertising, online sponsorship, and online commerce. These sources of revenues will hopefully allow iWon to maintain and potentially enhance its prize structure."
Website: iwon.com

Search Engines Galore.com

A Meta IQ.com network site. Searches 15 or more engines for your keyword(s).
Website: searchenginesgalore.com


SearchCactus is a bid for placement search engine developed to provide users with the best search results on the web.
Website: searchcactus.com


We Submit your Website to over 3000 Search Engines and Directories.
Website: submitfire.com


"Your guide to people on the Web." Brought to you by Lycos.com.
Website: whowhere.lycos.com

Search Engines (4 listings total)

Ask Jeeves

Experience by making it easy to find the most relevant information, products and services.
Website: ask.com


Now just NBCi (formerly called Snap), NBC's brain child search engine, seems somewhat limited. Has links to on site shopping center, internet communities, and other goodies.
Website: nbci.com

US Search.com

The leader in people seach and background checks. Search Public Records - FREE Preview Search.
Tel 800-877-3272


One of the fastest advertiser-oriented search engines on the Web for buyers & sellers
Website: xuppa.com

Directories and Catalogs (2 listings total)

Real Pages (BellSouth)

Online directory for businesses, people, maps and more.
Website: realpages.com

US Search.com

The leader in people seach and background checks. Search Public Records - FREE Preview Search.
Tel 800-877-3272

Network Mass Media (1 listings total)

White House Historical Association

The site examines the caracter of the White House and its occupants through history. It includes their attitude toward music, African-Americans and architecture...
Website: whitehousehistory.org