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Postage Stamps and Electronic Postage Online

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:12 PM EST with 3 listings
Postage Stamps and Electronic Postage Online


Stamps! Yes, thanks to this new on-line store you can purchase a neat little component that fits right onto your PC, and is essentially a vault of your postage. Henceforth, mailing anything is just a click away. You add postage to your vault also merely by clicking. E-Stamp will even verify addresses as you enter them, add zip plus 4's & provide bar codes printed on your envelop or label to expedite your post.
Tel 650-554-8454
Customer Services: 888-272-6526; Fax: 650-554-8455
Technical Support: 888-343-5772; E-mail: customer.service@e-stamp.com
Website: estamp.com

Simply Postage

An integrated postage meter, scale and printer coupled with software that allows you to print postage right in your own office.
Website: simplypostage.com


Stamps! No hardware needed for this on-line postage service. Personal & business pricing plans available, plus other goodies for sale including scales & label printers. Links to such postal services as zip code look up. 24 hour service including customer support.
Santa Monica, CA, Corporate Office 310-581-7200
Corporate Office: 310-581-7500; Customer Services: 888-434-0055
E-mail: info@stamps.com; Website: stamps.com