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Medical Information Websites (general) Online

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Medical Information Websites (general) Online


Medical Portal, with some interesting features, including wilderness medicine
Website: adam.com


A database of different addiction treatment websites.
Website: addictionsearch.com

Association of Cancer Online Resources

A resource site for those with cancer and their friends and family
Website: acor.org

Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

Accredited DNA Testing laboratory with service around the nation & overseas. Services include: paternity testing, maternity testing, infidelity DNA testing, immigration claim & many other family relationship analysis.
Tel 800-362-3926
Tel: 972-420-8505; Fax: 972-420-0442
Tel: 888-786-9323; E-mail: dnatest@biosyn.com
Website: paternityweb.com

CancerNet from NCI

The latest info on cancer rx, screening, preventation, supportive care, genetics and those very important clinical trials
Website: cancer.gov


Antidepressant medications
Website: celexa.com

Center Watch

Great medical site, listing lots of ongoing and recruiting clinical trials.
Website: centerwatch.com

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Useful information on infectious diseases for the scientist and the layperson.
Website: cdc.gov

CHID Online

A bibliographic database produced by the health releated agencies of the Federal Government.
Website: chid.nih.gov


This is definitely one of the best medical sites on the web. It links the individual to over 4000 clinical trials currently being conducted in the US. Clinical trials are scientific attempts to improve medicine, and often offer cutting edge therapy available no where else. Before you enter a clinical trial, please consider the following three elements: Is it safe, what are the possible benefits, and what are the possible risks?
Website: clinicaltrials.gov


All your dental coverage plans on one conveneint website.
Website: dentalplans.com

Diabetes Store

Testing supplies, test strips, insulin supply, more.
Website: diabetesstore.com


Health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians
Website: familydoctor.org


Nework help for foot care.
Website: foot.com

GeneTree DNA Testing Center

DNA paternity testing services.
Website: genetree.com

Hardin Meta Directory

Directory of Internet Health Sites
Website: lib.uiowa.edu

Health Diagnostics Ltd. Online

One-minute HIV/Aids self test.
Website: 1-minute-hiv-self-test.com


Offers ratings on hospitals, physicians, health plans, fertility clinics, assisted living residences and mammography centers.
Website: healthgrades.com


Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
Website: holisticonline.com

Immune Support

Fibromyalgia & chronic fatige syndrome resource.
Website: immunesupport.com


Consumer health information from Harvard Medical School
Website: intelihealth.com

Male Health Center Online

Male health education site
Website: malehealthcenter.com


Basic medical and pharmaceutical site
Website: medexplorer.com


This site is primarily oriented towards professionals and takes some time to learn how to navigate, yet it is one of the best medical sites on the web.
Website: medscape.com

Merck Manual

A top medical site. A source for comprehensive and reliable medical information that is generally accepted by the medical community. It is written in easy to understand language.
Website: merck.com

MMT Medical Billing Services Online

Service your medical and dental billing needs
Website: mmtservices.com

National Institutes of Health - Office of Rare Diseases

If you or a loved one have a rare disease (orphan disease) this is an invaluable resource. The material is written for those with a background in science. Some of the information must be ordered.
E-mail: sg18b@nih.gov; Website: rarediseases.info.nih.gov

National Organization of Rare Disease

Database and information on rare deseases
Website: rarediseases.org

Neurology on Web

Information of National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Website: ninds.nih.gov

Neurosciences on the Internet

Searchable, Neurosciences on the Web, Basic Medical Site
Website: neuroguide.com

New York State Department of Health - Directory Services

A directory of health department services by county. Also includes directories for AIDS-HIV counseling and testing facilities and mammography facilities.
Website: health.state.ny.us

New York State Department of Health - Info for Consumers

Consumer information available on a variety of health concerns including immunization, early intervention, diabetes, community health and chronic diseases.
Website: health.state.ny.us

New York State Department of Health - Info for Researchers

New York State statistics and information on such topics as AIDS, chronic disease, nursing homes, immunizations and communicable diseases.
Website: health.state.ny.us

New York State Department of Health - Public Health Forum

Information on NYS Health rules and regulations, public health law, and notices of public meetings, hearings and conferences.
Website: health.state.ny.us


Ratings of doctors, psychologists and insurance companies.
Website: nycdoctors.net


UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in health and medicine
Website: omni.ac.uk


Cancer sites on Web
Website: oncolink.upenn.edu


Improving pain management information
Website: edc.org


Wealth of information and taps into the immense data base of the National Library of Medicine.
Website: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Quit Tobacco.com

Smoke quitting programs
Website: quittobacco.com


Health and wellness information site with a good selection of products to help you take care of yourself.
Website: selfcare.com


Learn everything you need to know about allergies.
Website: sneeze.com


Special herbal medication helping to stop snoring
Tel 800-560-4889
E-mail: info@snoremd.com; Website: SnoreMD.com

Swedish Karolinska Institute

Medical Links from the famed Swedish Karolinska Institute
Website: mic.ki.se

Test Country

We offer a wide variety of medical tests that are easy to use, affordable and most importantly provide rapid and accurate results at the ease, comfort, and privacy of your home or office.
Website: testcountry.com

The Virtual Hospital

Digital library of health information
Website: vh.org


For men who wish to preserve or restore sexual function.
Website: veromax.cc

Vitality Medical

Providing the consumer quality discount health and medical products.
Website: vitalitymedical.com

Yahoo Health Directory

This site takes time to use, but it is essentially a gold mine of information.
Website: dir.yahoo.com

Your Surgery

Surgery Animations, great great site for Understanding Prodedures
Website: yoursurgery.com