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Driving Online

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This page contains local departments of motor vehicles (DMV). Local traffic reports are provided by the following local websites.
Driving Online

NY Cabbie

Website devoted to NYC taxi drivers. Features photographs by a NYC cab driver, tips, taxi stories, & helpful information for tourists & residents.
E-mail: nycabbie@nycabbie.com; Website: nycabbie.com


Site on the current state and history of all major roads and exits in NYC.
Website: nycroads.com

Driving Information Sources (1 listings total)

Cheap Drivers Ed

Affordable, online drivers education program for California residents.
Tel 707-462-1097
E-mail: info@cheapdriversed.com; Website: cheapdriversed.com

Study Guides and Safety (2 listings total)


Online Driver Ed Course with a DMV Certificate of Completion.
E-mail: admin@learnerspermit.com; Website: learnerspermit.com

US Drivers Education

Interactive online drivers education course.
E-mail: sub@us-drivers-education.com; Website: us-drivers-education.com