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Toys and Games Online: Comprehensive Listing

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:12 PM EST with 262 listings
Toys and Games Online: Comprehensive Listing

1 On 1 School Supplies

Products to meet your needs as a professional teacher or home schooler.
Tel 877-275-9955
E-mail: info@1on1schoolsupplies.com; Website: 1on1schoolsupplies.com

1 Stop Thomas Shop

Entire Thomas the Tank Engine Catalog!
Toll-Free 877-613-4041
E-mail: info@1stopthomasshop.com; Website: 1stopthomasshop.com

4 Mil Models

Specializes in toy soldiers, military models, and scale model kits.
Website: 4milmodels.com

411 Toys

Toys with an emphasis on action figures.
Website: 411toys.com

A Girl and Her Doll

Matching clothes for a girl and her American Girl, My Twinn, Bitty Baby, Lee Middleton & 18" Gotz and Madame Alexander dolls.
Tel 972-234-0530
E-mail: jtdesign@airmail.net; Website: agirlandherdoll.com

A1 Chess Sets & Clocks

Chess and chess accessories.
Toll-Free 800-557-2703
E-mail: support@a1chesssets.com; Website: a1chesssets.com


Thousand of action figures, one stop.
Tel 808-596-7431
E-mail: sales@actionfigurexpress.com; Website: actionfigurexpress.com

Active Toys Online

Fine selection of toy trucks.
Toll-Free 877-858-8697
E-mail: activetoys@aol.com; Website: activetoys.com

Air Hogs

Specializes in light model airplanes and cars with engines powered by pressurized air.
Toll-Free 800-622-8339
E-mail: toys@spinmaster.com; Website: airhogs.com

All Aboard Thomas

Toll-Free 800-416-7155
E-mail: CustomerCare@AllAboardThomas.com; Website: allaboardtoys.com

All School Supplies.com

Best in educational, teacher resource, and home school materials on the market today.
Toll-Free 866-330-7958
E-mail: sonyavigil@hotmail.com; Website: allschoolsupplies.com

All The Right Stuff

Toll-Free 800-799-8697
E-mail: info@alltherightstuff.com; Website: alltherightstuff.com

Amazing Wooden Gifts

Puzzles, puzzle boxes, jewelry boxes, decorative wooden boxes, chess sets, cribbage boards and more.
E-mail: mcclellin@home.com; Website: amazingwoodengifts.com


Lots of puzzles for all ages.
E-mail: orders@americanpuzzles.com; Website: americanpuzzles.com

Animal Smackers

Novelty type toys for kids of all ages.


Cards and accessories for many popular role-playing games.
Toll-Free 866-269-2729
E-mail: sales@anycraze.com; Website: anycraze.com


Toys, puzzles, games, and other fun stuff.
Toll-Free 800-471-0641
E-mail: orders@AreYouGame.com; Website: areyougame.com


Wide variety of toys under one roof.
E-mail: arktoys@yahoo.com; Website: arktoys.com


Toys and gifts with an artistic, musical, dance or theatrical twist is what we have passion for at art-matters.
E-mail: service@art-matters; Website: art-matters.com

At Sally's

Broad selection of gifts and collectibles.
E-mail: info@atsallys.com; Website: atsallys.com

B. Y. O. Swingset

Safe, easy, and affordable kits and accessories for residential wooden swingsets.

Baby Goes Vintage

We offer our boutique collection of vintage baby clothes and accessories selected with your hip baby in mind.
Website: babygoesvintage.com

Baby Style

A selection of stylish, affordable maternity and baby clothing, charming nursery furnishings, high-quality baby gear, the best toys, unique gifts, and even an easy-to-use baby gift registry.
Toll-Free 877-378-9537
E-mail: custcare@babystyle.com


Carries a wide selection of toys, from action figures to bath toys to educational items. $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping On Any Size Order
Toll-Free 800-222-9243


Toys for the very young. Rattles, teddy bears, puzzles, baby gyms & trikes!
Toll-Free 866-241-2229
E-mail: service@babycenter.com; Website: babycenter.com


Merchandise for kids of all ages.
Website: babycharm.com

Bear St.

E-mail: mail@bearst.com; Website: bearst.com

Big City Kites

Specializes in kites (all types, all sizes).
Toll-Free 888-476-5483
E-mail: info@bigcitykites.com; Website: bigcitykites.com


Dazzle 'em bigtime with full-size kid's playhouses.
Toll-Free 800-890-3010
E-mail: BiggieBoxes@recrooms.com; Website: biggieboxes.com

Bill Bam's Collectibles

Barbie & Friends, Furby, Pokemon, Star Wars, action figures and more!
E-mail: info@billbam.com; Website: billbam.com

Birthday Express.com

Online children's birthday party supplies & all-occasion partyware store.
Toll-Free 800-424-7843
E-mail: customerservice@birthdayexpress.com; Website: birthdayexpress.com


Want boardgames? Boardgames.com has them!
E-mail: bgsales@boardgames.com; Website: boardgames.com

Brian's Toys

Vast array of Star Wars toys, not to mention G.I. Joe, Transformers, and other great toys.
E-mail: info@brianstoys.com; Website: brianstoys.com

Butterfly Online

Comprehensive online table tennis store.
Toll-Free 800-611-7712
E-mail: info@butterflyonline.com; Website: butterflyonline.com


Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy.
Website: buy.com

California Fun Toys

JD Razor scooters, electric scooters and accessories, plus other outdoor type toys.

Cartoon Passion

A to Z products of more than 90 Japanese animated and game series.
E-mail: cartoonpassion@aol.com; Website: cartoonpassion.com

Catch the Wind

Kite and kite accessories.
Website: catchthewind.com

Cheeky Monkey Toys

Toys to awaken the untamed mind.
Tel 650-328-7975
Fax: 650-328-7976; E-mail: info@cheekymonkeytoys.com
Website: cheekymonkeytoys.com


Comprehensive selection of chess items.
Website: chessmate.com


Natural and wooden toys.
Tel 650-595-1765
Fax: 650-595-2895; E-mail: info@childsake.com
Website: childsake.com

Classic Online Gifts

Dolls, beanie babies, more.
Website: classic-cards-gifts.com


Balloons, mime, magic, and clown type items.
Website: clownantics.com

Collector Store, The

Lots of collector cards, Pokemon, etc.
Website: collectorstore.com

Completely Puzzled

Games, puzzles, and magic tricks.
Website: completelypuzzled.com

Constructive Playthings

Educational toys teaching aids, childrens games.
Website: constplay.com

Create and Angel Store

Angel dolls with 7 delightfully different expressions each adorned with handmade wings and halos.
Tel 919-782-3810
E-mail: wanda@tmptravel.com

Creative Endevors Dolls and Gifts

Little souls dolls and accessories.
Tel 484-433-9685
Tel: 610-222-9669; E-mail: croop@concentric.net
Website: creativendevors.com


Japanese Anime superstore.
Website: crosstoy.com

Danny Vegh's

Air hockey, dome hockey, ping pong, and foosball.
Tel 800-275-9404
E-mail: support@dannyveghs.com; Website: dannyveghs.com

Dave's Cool Toy's

Challenging and entertaining toys.
Website: davescooltoys.com

Dazzling Dolls & Collectibles, Inc.

Barbie, Tyler Wentworth, Kripplebush Kids and Gene Dolls.
Tel 817-988-4070
Fax: 817-838-9884; E-mail: dazzlingdolls@aol.com
Website: dazzlingdolls.com


Fine play doll clothes designs from popular doll clothes designers.
Tel 650-726-7640
E-mail: Barb@dollfashions.net; Website: dfufactorystore.com

DieCast Alley

High quality car, truck, train and bus models that can light your fire just like the real thing.
Tel 888-269-1600
Fax: 781-453-2400; E-mail: swerther@acstech.com
Website: diecastalley.com

Dilly Dally's

Great selection of educational toys, art supplies, and developmental toys.
Website: dillydallys.com

Dinosaur Farm, The

One stop dino shop.
Tel 888-658-2388
E-mail: info@DinoFarm.com; Website: dinosaurfarm.com

Disney Store

Buy Walt Disney Movies, pajamas, jewelry, clothing- it's all at these locations.
Website: disney.com

Disney Store

Get all your Disney stuff here. Toys, clothes, collectibles, etc.
Tel 800-328-0368
Website: disneystore.com

Doll Clothes Super Store

Hand-made doll clothes that fit American Girl dolls, Baby dolls, Bitty Baby, My Twinn, Barbie dolls, Ken and Beanie Babies.
Tel 860-721-0050
Fax: 860-563-3934; Fax: 860-872-5640
E-mail: MAnnWalsh@aol.com; Website: dollclothessuperstore.com

Dolls and Darlings

Collectible dolls at low prices.
Tel 888-828-1823
E-mail: info@dollsanddarlings.com; Website: dollsanddarlings.com


Japanese fashiondolls from Japan to your door.
E-mail: DOLL@kanoko.com; Website: kanoko.com


Science-fiction, fantasy, and historical role-playing games.
Website: doordice.com

Dr. Toy

Website: drtoy.com


Lots and lots of little tiny dragons.
Tel 800-280-7050
E-mail: bigblue@dragonstore.com; Website: dragonstore.com

Dutkins Collectibles Online

Model figurines from a variety of wars.
E-mail: online@dutkins.com; Website: dutkins.com

EB Games

New and used video games.
Website: ebgames.com


Natural Toy Store.
E-mail: orders@ecochild.com; Website: ecochild.com


Wooden train toys and accessories.
Toll-Free 800-793-0969
Website: econotrain.com


A online hobbyist utopia. If it's a hobby then they have it, plus articles & tips to improve your skills. Part of PC Magazine's Top 100 websites of 2000.
Website: ehobbies.com

El Dorado Toys

Collectible dolls, bears, and yo-yos.
E-mail: edt90620@aol.com; Website: eldoradotoys.com

Enchanted Forest

Stuffed animals and toys; store is decorated like a forest and is fun for all ages.
Toll-Free 800-456-4449
E-mail: ef@sohotoys.com; Website: sohotoys.com


Specialty toys from Europe.
Toll-Free 877-387-6869
E-mail: info@eurotoyshop.com; Website: eurotoyshop.com

Explore Toys

Sepecializes in action figures, vehicles, models, and playsets.
Toll-Free 888-397-0455
Website: exploretoys.com

Expressive Toys

Where learning is promoted through expressive play.
E-mail: service@expressivetoys.com; Website: expressivetoys.com

Extex Toys

The Pogo Stick & Stilts Company Since 1985.
Toll-Free 800-982-2814
E-mail: extex@loop.com; Website: extextoys.com

Family Night Baseball Board Game

Close down the TV for some family fun time together with this baseball board game.
Tel 800-300-9965
E-mail: FAMILYBASEBAL@aol.com; Website: familybaseball.com

Fantasy Toyland.com

Arts, crafts, games, musical toys, science, trains, wagons, more.
Toll-Free 888-583-3039
E-mail: info@fantasytoyland.com; Website: grandmaspoils.com

FAO Schwarz

Neat & fun layout, complete with the famous giant clock! Tremendous toy selection with lots of high-end delights.
Tel 800-876-7867
E-mail: faocsr@aol.com; Website: faoschwarz.com


A well rounded website with a lot to offer, especially around the holiday season. Electronics, housewares, and jewelry are among the many categories offered.
Toll-Free 800-508-7800
Website: fingerhut.com


Kites, flags, windsurfing gear, wind fairies, bomerangs, and wind chimes.
E-mail: info@foreverflying.com; Website: foreverflying.com

Fred's at Barneys New York

Discount of 15% off Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio, and Lionel Great Adventures.
Tel 952-854-4550
E-mail: sales@creativetrains.com; Website: creativetrains.com

Fun and Toys

Fun, educational, and outdoor toys and games can be found here.
Tel 718-448-3355
Fax: 718-448-8760; E-mail: service@funandtoys.com
Website: funandtoys.com


Science toys, educational games and puzzles.
Website: fun-da-mentals.com


Stuffed animals, a huge selection of discounted used games and systems.
Minneapolis, MN, Customer Services 612-946-7288
General Info: 612-946-8883; Order: 612-946-8111
Order: 612-946-8163; Website: funcoland.com


Early learning toys, games, and puzzles.
Tel 713-524-4400
E-mail: havefun@fundamentallytoys.com; Website: fundamentallytoys.com

Game Game

Games that are internally tested, kid, mom and geek approved...
Tel 212-673-7303
E-mail: service@gifts24.com; Website: gamegame.com


Bored? Get a board game!
Website: gamefest.com

Games for Fun.com

Game room products manufacturer.
San Bernardino, CA,
E-mail: sales@gamesforfun.com; Website: gamesforfun.com

Games Galore

Where the games begin.
Tel 866-420-4263
E-mail: info@gamesgaloreonline.com; Website: gamesgaloreonline.com

Games Imported Online Catalog

The best imported and domestic board games.
Tel 800-347-2595
E-mail: Games@GamesImported.com; Website: gamesimported.com


Items to encourage your kids' imagination.
Website: games2learn.com


Complete selection of action figures, models, and figurines from role playing games.
Website: gamesfantasy.com


Selection of toys, 3-D puzzles & board games. Order by phone or e-mail.
Tel 800-347-2595
E-mail: games@gamesimported.com; Website: gamesimported.com

Gaming Paradice

Chess sets, bingo game roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and slot games.


Back to school type gifts, plus toys, games, and pokemon.
E-mail: service@GiftHome.com; Website: gifthome.com

Gifts & Imports

Excellent selection of chess sets hand-crafted in Russia.
Website: giftsnimports.com

Go Figure

A huge, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, astronomical, copious amount of action figures.
Website: gofiguretoys.com

Gopher Sport

Specializes in productys for physical education, fitness, athletics, and recreation.
Website: gophersport.com


A store designed for grandparents. Quality handcrafted toys, unique stuffed animals & educational toys. Great quality, great prices.
Tel 877-785-5437
Customer Services: 203-324-0648; Website: grandparentsonline.net


Classic award winning toys for kids of any age. Everything for collectors and booklovers alike.
Customer Services 800-472-6312
E-mail: grandtoy@erols.com; Website: grandparentstoyconxn.com


Interlocking wooden blocks.
Website: aptitude-testing.com

HAE's Fun Lab

Puzzles, games, and other cool stuff, including the miraculous "skateluge". Check it out.
E-mail: novax@neaccess.net; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com


Collectibles from cuddly toys to something different. Hamleys has been enchanting its customers with the magic of toys for over 200 years. Demonstrators help to bring to life the 40,000 toys -the biggest range in the world. You can browse a selection of Hamleys toys & games, purchase on line, have them carefully wrapped & delivered to your door.
Tel 888-396-8697
E-mail: hamleyscustomercare@equire.com; Website: hamleys.com

Haystack Toys

A small but unique catalog of play items.
Website: haystacktoys.com


Toy Store. Not your run of the mill toy center, this on-line venue boasts many a toy made especially for its store, lots of toys from around the world, art & craft supplies & kits, puzzles, dolls & more. It might even make you feel like you're a kid again. You may also request one of their printed catalogs.
Tel 800-382-6779
Customer Services: 800-638-5279; E-mail: help.toy@hearthsong.com

Heros Club

Japanese toy and hobby shop.
Tel 415-387-4552
Fax: 415-387-5229; E-mail: HeroesClub@earthlink.com
Website: artoftoy.com


Assorted puppets, building sets, craft kits, dolls, modeling supplies, and more.
Tel 716-421-3723
Fax: 716-421-3721; E-mail: HHT@rochester.rr.com
Website: hobbyhousetoys.com

Home School Products

Mostly home schooling products but some educational games.
Website: homeschoolproducts.com


Soft bean bag earth with over 600 places labeled.
Tel 800-839-3334
Fax: 802-878-8909; E-mail: hugearth@together.net
Website: huggaplanet.com


Character items, games, fun apparel, and backpacks.
Website: store.humongous.com


Learn while you play.
Tel 650-367-6457
Fax: 650-366-2744; E-mail: esales@hungryfrog.com
Website: hungryfrog.com

Hyde Park Chess

Fine chess sets and chess boards.
Tel 513-891-5503
Fax: 513-891-5057; E-mail: custservice@hydeparkchess.com
Website: hydeparkchess.com


Barbies, Disney Dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Volks Dolls, and Character Dolls.
Tel 386-738-9671
E-mail: idolls@xpr.com; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com

Image Anime

Ultimate source for Japanese Anime collectibles, models and toys.
Tel 212-631-0966
Fax: 212-631-0955; E-mail: image@imageanime.com
Website: imageanime.com

Imagination Toy Station

Thomas the talking Tank Engine merchandise, plus Lionel model train products.
Website: itstoys.com

Imagine the Challenge

Great selection of dolls & puppets, games & puzzles, wooden train sets, ride-on toys, and more.
Website: imaginetoys.com

Import Action

Anime cd's, resin statures, collectibles, DragonBall Z, Ghost in the Shell, more.
Tel 408-243-6889
E-mail: importaction@yahoo.com; Website: import-action.com


Simpsons, South Park, Beanie Babies, and more.
Tel 800-982-5992
Fax: 310-586-0196; E-mail: steve@incrediblegifts.com
Website: incrediblegifts.com


Largest manufactuer of inflatable games like the big sumo suits and more.
Tel 800-354-1183
Fax: 407-438-6180; E-mail: info@inflatablegames.com
Website: inflatablegames.com

IQ Kids Educational Toys Superstore

Award winning educational toys and games.
Fax 610-640-4654
E-mail: sales@iqkids.net; Website: iqkids.com

IQ Overload

Chess sets and much more.
E-mail: info@iqoverload.com; Website: iqoverload.com


High quality European playing cards, gift bridge sets and educational games.
E-mail: info@iqactivity.com; Website: iqactivity.com


Features a wide variety of items including dolls, activity toys, learning toys, infant toys, musical toys, models, vehicles, and science toys.
Website: iwanttoplay.com

Just Enought Store

Multimedia system to teach you how to sing and play guitar.
E-mail: askme@justenough.net; Website: justenough.net

K. J. Collectibles & Gifts, Ltd.

Thousands of great K. J. Bear collectibles in stock, including many are hard-to-find, rare, retired pieces.
Tel 630-232-7593
Fax: 630-232-7630; E-mail: tkjcollectibles@aol.com
Website: kjcollectibles.com


Toy cars and trucks, action figures, household toys and science and nature play items.
Website: kaylaco.com

Kazoo Toys

Providing parents, teachers, and kids with one of the country's largest selections of toys and creative playthings.

KB Kids.com

Toll-Free 877-452-5437
Website: kbkids.com

KC Dolls & Collectibles

Fashion Dolls, life-like babies, vinyl dolls, porcelain, figurines, KC Dolls, and more.
Tel 336-586-0212
Fax: 336-586-0324; E-mail: Sales@KCDolls.com
Website: kcdolls.com

Ken's Classic Slot Cars

Offering most brands of ready-to-race HO, 1/42, 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars. Home of the Slot Car Reference Library. 200+ slot car links. Slot cars, race sets, accessories, comic books, electronics.
Tel 407-701-6540
Fax: 407-366-7250; E-mail: mail@kensclassicslots.com
Website: kensclassicslots.com


Quality products for active play and active minds.
Tel 734-264-5044
E-mail: sales@KidEnergy.com; Website: kidenergy.com

Kids Can Sew & Craft

Over 500,000 kids, worldwide, have learned how to sew their own clothes using the Kids Can Sew® & Craft sewing curriculum.
Tel 800-739-2268
Fax: 877-438-6733; E-mail: servicecenter@kidscansew.com
Website: kidscansew.com

Kimball Design Rocking Horse Ranch

Hand made wood rocking horse is their business.
Tel 870-326-4236
Fax: 870-326-4263; E-mail: sales@kimballdesigns.com
Website: kimballdesigns.com

Kindermusik International

Worldwide musical products for your child or child within.
Tel 800-628-5687
E-mail: info@kindermusik.com; Website: shopkindermusik.com


Dedicated to the outdoorsperson in all of us, this company specializes in excellent quality sports & casual clothing.
Website: llbean.com

Legends Toys and Hobbies

Your alternate source in the latest in action figures, model kits, toys, finishing materials and reference materials.
Tel 626-810-8962
Fax: 626-810-8972; E-mail: sales@legendshobbies.com
Website: legendshobbies.com

Little Annies Attic

Tons of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and accessories.
Tel 866-724-4339
Fax: 850-981-0393; E-mail: littleanniesattic@yahoo.com
Website: littleanniesattic.com

Live and Learn

Educational toys and supplies.
E-mail: customer_service@liveandlearn.com; Website: liveandlearn.com

Luxury Chess

Chess set you will be pround to display.
Tel 612-240-9743
Fax: 651-436-7144; E-mail: info@luxurychess.com
Website: luxurychess.com

Magic Cabin

Toys and games, dolls, arts and crafts books, household items, more.
Website: magiccabin.com


Unique toys you're unlikely to find anywhere else.
Website: magnatoy.com

Mail, Crafts & Educational Gifts Just 4 Kids

Mail, arts & crafts, gift baskets and totes for kids.
Tel 888-540-4455
E-mail: karen@mailjust4me.com; Website: mailjust4kids.com

Mall for Education

Award winning educational videos, books, toys and more.
Toll-Free 800-375-5100
E-mail: gh@edvantagemedia.com; Website: mall4education.com

Mamorpalire Inc. of Vermont

Educational board games.
Toll-Free 888-496-4094
E-mail: bethumpd@wcvt.com; Website: bethumpd.com


Hand-made unique games.
Toll-Free 866-386-4263
E-mail: info@marbleboardgames.com; Website: marbleboardgames.com

Matchbox Toys

Toll-Free 800-858-0102
Website: matchboxshop.com

Miss Claire's House.com

Motivate kids to enjoy learning about the world around them.
E-mail: playinaroundmusic@yahoo.com; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com


It's a long wait till age 16, but Mobileaction gives kids a license to drive for a price. Miniature Audis, Jeeps and a $46,500 Testarossa.
Toll-Free 888-886-6245
Website: mobileation.com

Mondo-tronic's Robot Store

Bringing you the best in robotics.
Toll-Free 800-374-5764
E-mail: comments@robotstore.com; Website: robotstore.com


Musical toys, starter instruments, and instructional material for kids.
Toll-Free 800-330-9897
Website: musicforkids.com


Dollhouses, blocks, trains, pull toys, puzzles, play kitchen & more. Plus lots of links.
Toll-Free 800-791-3957
E-mail: fun@naturalplay.com; Website: naturalplay.com

Nature Etc.

Toys, arts & crats supplies, games, plush animals, and educational playthings.
Toll-Free 800-800-4109
E-mail: nature@napanet.net; Website: natureetc.com


Featuring specialty toys from around the world.
Toll-Free 888-771-0194
E-mail: toysquare@aol.com; Website: networktoys.com

Nifty Cool

Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio, Wild Planet, Neurosmith and dozens more.
Toll-Free 877-638-2665
E-mail: steve@niftycool.com; Website: niftycool.com

Nifty Toys & Games

Feature unique toys with a lasting play value.
Toll-Free 800-965-6491
E-mail: niftytoys@yahoo.com; Website: niftytoys.com

Oh My Games, Inc.

Great games at great prices and free shipping in the U.S.
E-mail: cardman@ohmygames.com; Website: ohmygames.com


The best brands of toys, clothes, books and other essentials for perfectly childish living.
Toll-Free 877-543-2665
E-mail: service@oliebollen.com; Website: oliebollen.com

Olly Gift Shop

Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Scooby-Doo, hand made dolls, and more.
E-mail: info@ollygift.com; Website: ollygift.com

Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Well-made children's clothes; trademark jeans and overalls.
Website: oshkoshbgosh.com

Out of the Blue, Ltd.

Scientific Explorer kits, Lamaze infant toys, International Playthings, Kettler, Learning Resources, Leapfrog, Educational Insights, Madame Alexander dolls, more.
Toll-Free 800-468-4455
E-mail: outoftheblue2502@yahoo.com; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com

Out Of The Box

Great award-winning games.
Toll-Free 800-540-2304
E-mail: sales@otb-games.com; Website: otb-games.com


Japanese Casino Style (skill-stop) Pachislo slot machines.
E-mail: sales@pachisloslots.com; Website: pachisloslots.com

Petanque America

Source for genuine petanque boules (balls) & equipment.
Fax 305-592-4104
Toll-Free: 800-682-2557; E-mail: info@petanqueamerica.com
Website: petanqueamerica.com

PlayNation Play Systems

Play sets, slides, other outdoor activity sets.
E-mail: playnationnj@blast.net; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com


High-performance, pocket-sized microscope for as little as $30.
Toll-Free 877-718-6357
E-mail: info@pocketscope.com; Website: pocketscope.com

Poindexter Toys

Good selection of educational toys, science & nature toys, and more.
Toll-Free 800-245-6234
E-mail: service@poindexter-toys.com; Website: poindexter-toys.com


Poker tables, chips, games, chess and domino sets, more.
Toll-Free 888-733-4645
E-mail: ruby@pokerboard.com; Website: pokerboard.com

Preschool Power! Videos

Activity videos that improve your child's hand-eye coordination, concentration and self-confidence.
Toll-Free 800-333-8252
E-mail: info@preschoolpower.com; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com


Cuddly American bears, German and Spanish building sets, Italian puzzles and card games, multi-national musical instruments, imaginative puppets, professional quality face paints, and more.
E-mail: purcifuls@yahoo.com; Website: purcifuls-toys.com

Quality Table Games

Table games such as billards, air hockey, ping-pong, and foosball.
Toll-Free 888-426-3777
Website: qualitytablegames.com

Quincy Shop

Gives parents a one-stop shop for lots of toys, puzzles, and games for kids.
E-mail: quincy@gnt.net; Website: quincyshop.com

Rad Trax Slot Car Toy Headquarters

Slot cars, race sets, accessories, home, electronics, toys, auto parts, power tools, razor scooters & NASCAR collectables.
Toll-Free 877-330-8729
E-mail: radtrax@radtrax.com; Website: radtrax.com


Curious George, Pooh Plush by Gund, Raggedy Ann, and more.
Toll-Free 888-724-4461
E-mail: Help@RaggDolls.com; Website: raggdolls.com

Raggedy Ann Land

Liscensed Raggedy Ann merchandise.
Toll-Free 866-266-3655
E-mail: sales@raggedyannland.com; Website: raggedyannland.com

Raggedy Land Gift Shop

All Raggedy Ann & Andy.
E-mail: info@raggedyland.com; Website: raggedyland.com

Rainbow Symphony Store

The largest and sometimes hard-to-find selection of science, educational toy and executive gift items.
Tel 800-821-5122
Fax: 818-708-8470; E-mail: rainbowsymphony@rainbowsymphony.com
Website: rainbowsymphony.com


Website of the white hot Razor Scooters.
E-mail: bujama@aol.com; Website: razorscooters.com


The're toys, and yes, they are real cool.
E-mail: realcooltoys@kathyscritters.com; Website: realcooltoys.com

RecRooms Direct

Recreational games and accessories.
Toll-Free 800-890-3010
E-mail: info@recrooms.com; Website: recrooms.com


Rent video games online from a selection of thousands of games.
Toll-Free 888-737-8038
E-mail: service@redoctane.com; Website: redoctane.com


Radio Flyer, Peg-Perego, Red Sleds, and safety gear.
Toll-Free 877-739-2466
E-mail: custserv@redwagons.com; Website: redwagons.com

Repple Depple, The

Military figurines.
E-mail: CaskieAtl@aol.com; Website: reppledepple.com

Right Start, The

Toys for a growing mind to prosper.
Toll-Free 888-548-8531
Website: rightstart.com


Cool robotic toys.
E-mail: pc2@earthlink.net; Website: robotoys.com

Rochesster Chess Center

Fine wood chess pieces, chess boars, combination sets & boards, chess equipment for kids and schools.
Toll-Free 800-662-4377
E-mail: chessger@yahoo.com; Website: shop.store.yahoo.com

Rocking Toy Co., The

Carries beautiful hand carved rocking toys, figures and chairs.
Albany, NY, Toll-Free 800-638-3330
E-mail: terra@rockingtoy.com; Website: rockingtoy.com


Antique and modern dolls as well as warm and fuzzy bears.
E-mail: sandysdd@qwest.net; Website: sandysdreamdolls.com


Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, and more.
Toll-Free 800-759-6454
E-mail: shopquestions@sanrio.com; Website: sanriostore.com

School Zone Publishing Company

Educational software for your kids.
Toll-Free 800-253-0564
E-mail: webmaster@schoolzone.com; Website: schoolzone.com

Science City

Interesting, educational science kits and toys for the experienced hobbyist or the young future scientist.
E-mail: info@science-city.com; Website: science-city.com

Sensational Beginnings

Educational toys, outdoor fun, spring fun, etc.
Website: sensationalbeginnings.com

Silly Goose Toys

Classic, high quality children's toys.
E-mail: sillygoosetoys@qwest.net; Website: sillygoosetoys.com

Small Fry Productions

Line of award-winning educational children's videos.
Toll-Free 800-922-3827
E-mail: cservice@small-fry.com; Website: small-fry.com


Marketing and selling innovative toys.
Toll-Free 888-646-8446
E-mail: customerservice@smarttechtoys.com; Website: smarttechtoys.com


Manufacturer of high quality, interactive, cloth toy products for kids.
E-mail: sales@softplayforkids.com; Website: softplayforkids.com

Space-Crime Continuum, The

Sci-fi & Mystery books plus board, card & role-playing games.
Toll-Free 888-844-8924
E-mail: spacrime@crocker.com; Website: spacecrime.com

Speedway.com e-store

Wonderful collectible items for kids and grown-ups.
Website: store.yahoo.com


Unique gifts, games, activities and puzzles.
Website: spilsbury.com

Sport Toys USA

Unique and fun toys that are sport related.
Toll-Free 888-510-0053
E-mail: sales@sport-toys-usa.com; Website: sport-toys-usa.com

Stevenson Brothers

Very Fine Rocking Horses.
E-mail: enquiries@stevensonbros.com; Website: stevensonbros.com

Story Puzzles

Delightful rhyming versions of the biblical narrative.
Toll-Free 877-693-3300
E-mail: info@storypuzzle.com; Website: storypuzzle.com

Suzi's Dollhouses and Miniatures

Dealing exclusively in dollhouses and miniatures.
Toll-Free 888-941-0044
E-mail: info@suzisdollhouses.com; Website: suzisdollhouses.com

Tangent Toy Co.

For all your Bubble needs and more.
Toll-Free 800-386-4383
E-mail: louis@tangenttoy.com; Website: tangenttoy.com

Tanglewood Design

Find the most unique playhouse and bunk bed designs on the Internet.
E-mail: information@playhousedesigns.com; Website: playhousedesigns.com

Things from Another World

Eclectic mix of comics, toys, and entertainment merchandise.
Website: tfaw.com

Thinker Toys

Fun, learning and personal growth, together at last.
E-mail: info@thinkertoys.com; Website: thinkertoys.com

Tiddlywink Toys

Fine, quality toys that entertain, educate, and inspire the imagination.
E-mail: service@tiddlywinktoys.com; Website: tiddlywinktoys.com

Tiger Electronics

Features a limited selection of Furby toys and hand-held games.
Website: tigertoys.com

Tina's Toys

Quality Vermont crafted wooden toys and fine plush toys at reasonable prices.
E-mail: sales@tinastoys.com; Website: tinastoys.com


Playhut, Jump-O-Lenes and Toddler Scooters.
E-mail: info@tinkertots.com; Website: tinkertots.com

Toad Hall Toys

Toll-Free 888-333-8623
Website: toadhalltoys.com


Jokes & pranks, magic tricks, bugs & creatures, toys, games, electronics.
Toll-Free 800-298-9344
E-mail: info@tophattoys.com; Website: tophattoys.com

Totally Fun Toys

They're toys and they're TOTALLY FUN!!!!
Toll-Free 800-977-8697
Website: totallyfuntoys.com

Toy Box, The

Toys, games, puzzles.
E-mail: info@toyboxligonier.com; Website: toyboxligonier.com

Toy Collection

Presenting specialty toys from around the world.
Website: toycollection.com

Toy Forest

Focusing on toys that allow children to engage in creative play.
E-mail: cre8fun@aol.com; Website: toyforest.com

Toy Vault Toy Club

Action figures galore.
E-mail: info@toyvaulttoyclub.com; Website: toyvaulttoyclub.com


Old fashioned family toy store.
E-mail: info@toy-shoppe.com; Website: toy-shoppe.com


Early childhood educational toys and books.
E-mail: ToyAndBookStore@yahoo.com; Website: toyandbookstore.com


Video games, dolls, board games, hot toys, more.
Toll-Free 877-582-2707
E-mail: help@toychute.com; Website: toychute.com


All kinds of toys.
Toll-Free 877-656-9929
E-mail: info@toylodge.com; Website: toylodge.com


Educational toys, board and trading card games, electronic toys, stuffed animals, and dolls.
Toll-Free 877-869-6742
E-mail: info@toyopia.com; Website: toyopia.com

Toys & Home

Riding toys, kids outdoor playhouses and climbers, and more.
Toll-Free 800-201-7727
E-mail: support@toysandhome.com; Website: toysandhome.com

Toys 2 Wish 4.com

Some of the world's greatest toys can be found here.
Toll-Free 877-809-8697
E-mail: info@toys2wish4.com; Website: toys2wish4.com


ToysRUs.com breaks toys down into types. Online toy shopping is an easy, attractive, alternative to the masses - of toys and bellicose shoppers - you'll run into at your local toy emporium on any given day.
Toll-Free 800-869-7787
Website: toysrus.com


Offers a wide selection of sci-fi, military, anime, robot and movie related merchandise and collectibles.
E-mail: info@toysyndicate.com; Website: toysyndicate.com


Magic tricks, books, tapes and CDs.
E-mail: sales@trickshop.com; Website: trickshop.com


Free game downloads.
Website: trygames.com


Novelty toys, party decorations, carnival toys, party ballons, Halloween supplies.
Website: ustoy.com

VR Standard Corporation

The complete virtual reality PC gear for stereoscopic 3D games, movies, images, websites & other applications.
E-mail: info@vrstandard.com; Website: vrstandard.com


A handy site providing parents, teachers & anyone caring for a child. Products, hints & advice on many a childhood hurdle.
E-mail: pppent@webehave.com; Website: webehave.com


Hundreds of items that will encourage your child's imagination.
Toll-Free 888-387-0019
E-mail: lisa@whimsicality.com; Website: whimsicality.com

WillyGoat Toyland

Toys for tots to teens.
Website: willygoat.com

Wind-Up Toy Company, The

As you might imagine this website offers every wind-up toy imaginable. Over 700 makes and models, collectibles too.
E-mail: custsvc@winduptoyco.com; Website: winduptoyco.com

WindPower Sports

Single, dual, and quad line kites.
E-mail: info@windpowersports.com; Website: windpowersports.com

Wizards of the Coast

Card games, trading cards, and role-playing games.
E-mail: custserv@wizards.com; Website: wizards.com

Wooden Horse Books Online Store

Quality books, games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, tarot cards and more.
Toll-Free 877-877-3514
E-mail: woodenhorsebooks@yahoo.com; Website: woodenhorsebooks.com

World Wide Chess Superstore

Chess Chess Chess!!!!
Toll-Free 800-425-3555
Website: smartchess.com


Fun toys, games, and starter musical instruments.
Toll-Free 888-249-8697
E-mail: info@worldsbesttoys.com; Website: worldsbesttoys.com

Yellow Elephant

Puppets, flip dolls, little souls, quilts, puzzles, pre-school toys, and gift baskets.
Toll-Free 888-634-6611
E-mail: info@yellowelephant.com; Website: yellowelephant.com

Yo-Yo Store, The

Professional and non-professional yo-yos.
E-mail: bfk@gte.net; Website: theyoyostore.com

Yo-Yo Universe

Yo-yo's and yo-yo related merchandise.
Toll-Free 877-969-6663
Website: yoyouniverse.com

Your Move Chess & Games

We feature a wide variety of products and services for chess players at all levels from novices to experts. Visit us for these featured chess products: Chess set, chess board, chess tables, chess tournament supplies, chess sets, chess pieces, computer chess sets, and chess clocks.
Tel 800-645-4710
E-mail: icd@icdchess.com; Website: chessusa.com


Yoyos at great everyday prices.
E-mail: sales@yoyoplay.com; Website: yoyoplay.com


Zany Brainy has thrilled more than 25 million kids- with more than 100 stores across the country. Zainy Brainy is dedicated to offering products that entertain and educate children while instilling a sense of wonder and lifelong passion for learning.
Toll-Free 888-548-8531
Website: zanybrainy.com