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ABC Online

The latest news that concerns the city and national news that affects your life.
Website: abcnews.com


Worlwide information, glossaries, translations
Website: babylon.com

CBS New York

All the news you need and more.
Website: cbsnewyork.com


Website: news.com


Stay in touch with the latest business news & New York related stories with Crains NY.
Website: crainsny.com


Financial Times online
Website: FT.com


All the weather information you need.
Website: intellicast.com

Internet Daily News

One stop source for news & information
Website: tvpress.com

IPO Data Systems

Keep up with the latest Initial Public Offerings.

Journal of Commerce

Online version of a newspaper devoted to shipping and trading.
Website: JOC.com

Kurier Newspaper

Weekly newspaper in russian
Website: kurierweb.com

Licium Corporation

Multimedia newsletter and resource directory.
Website: licium.com

NBC New York News

Local news and links to New York related sites.
Website: wnbc.com

New York Blade

Online newspaper for gays and lesbians
Website: nyblade.com

New York Daily News Online

Now you get all that great tabloid news online!
Website: nydailynews.com

New York Journal News

Regional and national news, with sports, classifieds, lifestyles, and all the top stories.
Website: nyjournalnews.com

New York Law Journal

"daily necessity for all lawyers"
Website: nylj.com


Get the latest happenings in the city and around the world. Weather, editorials, and sports.
Website: newschannel4.com


This well known news source in tabloid format (for ease of reading as you commute) online! A non-overcrowded reader friendly site.
Website: newsday.com


Catch up on the latest news stories at this on-line version of the famous New York newspaper. Also has cartoons, classifieds, editorials, and reviews.
Website: nypost.com

NY1 News

Time Warner Cable's NYC 24-hour News Channel online news. Covering politics, law enforcement, transit, business, living, sports, community calendar etc. for all 5 NYC boroughs

Parents Know.com

Lots of information for the urban mom and dad.
Website: parentsknow.com

The Militant

Online newspaper for the socialist worker's party
Website: themilitant.com


An essential social guide for any New Yorker in the Greenwich Village area. Great articles, lots of information, and nice reviews.
Website: villagevoice.com

Yellow Brix

Link to this site from yours for free, news updated frequently.
Website: isyndicate.com

Financial News Online (6 listings total)


Stay in touch with the latest business news & New York related stories with Crains NY.
Website: crainsny.com


Financial Times online
Website: FT.com


Website: ft.com


For decades, the benchmark of breaking news.
Website: reuters.com

Wall Street Journal

Not strictly for the business world, this paper covers news from the securities markets & Wall St. mergers to economic news & tax legislation.
Website: wsj.com

National Newspapers Online (19 listings total)

Arizona Central

Order convenient home or mail delivery of the Arizona Republic, learn more about EasyPay program, contact about stops and stars, and learn about employment opportunities and much more
Tel 602-444-8400
Website: azcentral.com

Austin 360.com

Presented in partnership with the Austin American Statesman. Inside Austin 360: Latest Headlines, things to do, deals & steals, Wanted: You! play it safe and others
Texas, Tel 512-912-2500
Website: austin360.com

Boston Globe

Tel 617-929-2000
Tel: 617-929-7900; Website: globe.com

Chicago Sun-Times

Tel 312-321-3000
Tel: 312-321-3251; Fax: 773-229-2500
Subscriber Info: 888-848-4637; Website: suntimes.com

Daily Racing Form

Provides handicappers and racing fans with the most comprehensive news and racing information.
Tel 800-306-3676
E-mail: cservice@drf.com; Website: drf.com

Dallas Morning News

Tel 800-925-1500
E-mail: help@dallasnews.com; Website: dallasnews.com

Houston Chronicle

Breaking news, info, online extra, marketplace, subscription The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami Fl 33132-1693
Information 305-350-2111
Information: 954-764-7026; Subscription: 305-350-2000
Subscription: 954-462-3000; Website: herald.com

La Raza (Chicago) Espanol

Chicago Illinois

Miami Herald

Tel 305-350-2111
Tel: 954-764-7026; Website: herald.com

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

PO Box 661, Milwaukee, WI, Tel 414-225-5000
Main Office: 414-224-2000; E-mail: www.jsonline.com/general/contact.asp
Website: jsonline.com

San Antonio

News, business, computing news, medical, military, nation & world, religion, teen news
Information 210-250-2001
Main Office: 210-250-2925; Manager: 210-250-2924
E-mail: lash@express-news.net.; Website: mysanantonio.com

San Diego Union-Tribune

News, business, computing, sports, marketplace, job links, shops, service, visitors information
Tel 619-718-5200
Tel: 619-718-5221; Tel: 619-718-5252
Fax: 619-718-5296; E-mail: carmella.spencer@uniontrib.com
Website: signonsandiego.com

USA Today

Political and economical news in USA and abroad
Website: usatoday.com

Washington Post

Washington, DC,
Website: washingtonpost.com

Internet News Websites (12 listings total)


A-Clue is a weekly newsletter put out by Dana Blankerhorn that is directed to people involved in internet business.
Website: a-clue.com


Alloy.com is like an on-line newspaper which contains entertainment, sports, fashion, horoscopes, and much more. New outerwear at Alloy. Every style you'll need to stay warm this season!
Tel 888-452-5569


Independant news and articles.
Website: alternet.org

CNN Interactive

This is the number one place to come to for news on the internet. Up to the minute news with multimedia presentations.
Website: cnn.com

Dialog NewsEdge

Tel 800-334-2564
Website: dialog.com

Independent Media Center Online

The hub for a collective of independently run news websites, dedicated to bringing you the truth.
Website: indymedia.org


Get the scoop on the latest happenings, local and around the world. YIL Top 100/2000
Website: msnbc.com


Directory of newspaper articles online.
Website: newsdirectory.com


Very entertaining on line magazine. Well written articles covering politics, media, technology and other categories of interest.
Website: salon.com


Brings you the exclusive documents that can't be found elsewhere on the web.
Website: thesmokinggun.com


News for people who want to make a difference.
Website: workingforchange.com

Yahoo Daily News

Satisfy your info urge with Yahoo Daily News. YIL Top 100/2000
Website: dailynews.yahoo.com

International Newspapers Online (8 listings total)

BBC News

At the BBC News site you will not only find late breaking news in the UK but will also get up-to-date world news as well. They aim to educate, entertain and inform the masses.
Website: news.bbc.co.uk

El Nuevo Herald

News in Spanish 1 Herald Plaza, Miami Fl 33132-1693
Tel 305-550-2111
24 Hours: 305-373-1111; Website: elherald.com

Globe and Mail (Canada)

Report on business, national, international, sports, globe review, features, books, and other sections
Tel 416-585-5000
Website: globeandmail.com

Manila Times

Philippine On-line Newspaper.
Website: manilatimes.net

Montreal Gazette

News, business, sports, entertainment, travel, education, advertise, subscribe, services, miscellaneous
Tel 514-987-2400
Tel: 800-361-8478; Website: montrealgazette.com

Toronto Star

Business, entertainment, news, home, life sections
Tel 416-367-2114
Tel: 800-268-9213; Tel: 800-428-3003
Fax: 416-869-4322; Fax: 416-869-4328
Subscription: 416-367-4500; E-mail: city@thestar.ca
Website: thestar.ca

News and Press Agencies - Online (11 listings total)

AP (Associated Press)

New York, NY, Tel 212-621-1500
E-mail: info@ap.org; Website: ap.org

Cincinnati Enquirer, The

Online edtions of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Kentucky Enquirer
Website: enquirer.com

Cincinnati Post, The

Online editions of the Cincinnati post and the Kentucky post
Website: cincypost.com


Presents all sides of news stories. Unlike AP, Reuters, AFP or similar news services, this is free to both users and information providers.
Tel 877-267-6397
Fax: 703-683-7045; Website: conservativenews.org

Dow Jones Newswires

Financial news and up-to-the-minute market updates.
Website: djnewsplus.com


Tel 800-544-8433
Fax: 312-751-7300; E-mail: customerservice@newsclip.com
Website: newsclip.com

Pacific News Service

Consortium of writers, scholars and non-conformists who provide alternative opinions not found elsewhere. California based.
Tel 415-438-4755
E-mail: pacificnews@pacificnews.org; Website: pacificnews.org


For decades, the benchmark of breaking news. Financial news, world, political, technological, health, weather & more.
Website: reuters.com

Scripps Howard News Service

Tel 202-408-1484
Fax: 202-408-5950; Website: shns.com


News service that provides breaking news stories, real-time audio broadcasts and news photos.
Tel 202-898-8000
Fax: 202-898-8057; E-mail: help@upi.com
Website: upi.com

US Newswire

Breaking news from the world's top news sources
Tel 800-544-8995
Fax: 800-942-1150; Website: usnewswire.com