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X-gen Websites Online

80's Server

Like, ya know...it's a website about the 80's....
Website: 80s.com

Armchair World

Virtually an online magazine for travelers. Also provides links to many services useful to travelers such as traveler's and medical insurance companies, travel agencies (they have their own corporate travel agency as well), etc.
Tel 310-477-8960
E-mail: comments@armchair.com; Website: armchair.com


A fun time is to be had for all at Camp Chaos. Not for the kiddies!
Website: campchaos.com

Department of Motor Vehicles -- License X-Press Office

License & registration renewals & duplicate, & license plate surrenders ONLY.
Tel 6455550
Tel: 718-966-6155

Kramer's Reality Tour

Kenny Kramer, who proclaims that he is the inspiration behind the Kramer character on the TV show "Seinfeld," takes you on a tour of NYC places featured in the sitcom.
Fax 4659327
In New York: 2685525; In USA: 800-572-6377
E-mail: kramer@bway.net; Website: bway.net


This is a great source for memorabilia from your favorite TV shows and movies, both old and new.
E-mail: info@moletown.com; Website: moletown.com

Petar citidex.com only listing #3

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  1. 'Extra Address Information' --> 'Region' set to 'New York'

Website: citidex.com

Test Firm2

This is test #2 Clicked the first "Region" under "Extra Address Information"
Tel 888-888-8888
Website: www.citidex.com

Test Firm3

This is test #3 Clicked "Region" New York under "Old, mostly unused attributes"
Tel 888-888-8888
Website: www.citidex.com