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Internet Online

Internet Search Engines & Browers (41 listings total)


"The Human Internet"; uses actual human categorized links with links that can be truely relevant to your search but, can miss some essential sites.
Website: about.com

Alta Vista.com

This well designed site uses a "crawler" type search engine, meaning lots of results but also a lot of irrelevant links. Audio and video media searches, too. Part of PC Magazine's top 100 websites of 2000.
Website: altavista.com

AOL.com (America Online)

Tel 800-827-6364
Website: aol.com


Put your queries in natural language (i.e. Where can I find all 150 Pokemon?). Good for internet rookies & kids, but limited results. Part of PC Magazine's Top 100 websites of 2000.
Website: askjeeves.com


What is Guru Net? A online program that allows you to point at any word and have instant access to information about the chosen word, a "guru" so to speak. Neat. Part of PC Magazine's Top 100 websites of 2000.
Website: atomica.com


..."in a nutshell, Beaucoup is different because the engines listed on the main site (all but the category "Shopping", are what I call "free information" sites -- that is, they offer up a *lot* of information, not simply lists of commercial products or services."
Website: beaucoup.com


Website: bomis.com

CNET Search.com

A metasearch that searches 700 engines or more in real-time. Geez!
Website: search.com


Copernic allows users to find out exactly what they are looking for by simultaneously consulting many Internet search engines and directories.
Website: copernic.com


Search engine that uses a ranking system bases on previous searchers opinions of a site, which can give you some good links, but the less popular the search the less relevant the results.
Website: directhit.com


A great metasearch although it seems that the paid search engines (where the advertisers have to pay to be listed) come up first. Hmmm.
Website: dogpile.com


Accurate search engine with huge database, lots of goodies like voice mail. Pick your words carefully though because the results tend to be very broad.
Website: excite.com


"FindWhat.com is "a better way to search" because it is one of the easiest, fastest, most efficient search engines available"
Website: findwhat.com


Galaxy is the oldest searchable Internet directory.
Website: galaxy.com

Go Network

Website: go.com


Formerly Infoseek. Part of the Walt Disney Internet Group.
Website: go.com


Gives results based on a ranking system which can give many high quality sites but won't get to the more obscure links. Nifty little timer to see how long each search takes too.
Website: google.com


Top ranked search engine, with the ability to refine your searches. Easy to use and very accurate.
Website: hotbot.com


Website: inktomi.com


INSANE! You can win daily on this engine. "iWon, as a portal, can take advantage of multiple sources of revenues - advertising, online sponsorship, and online commerce. These sources of revenues will hopefully allow iWon to maintain and potentially enhance its prize structure."
Website: iwon.com


Search engine with huge database, lots of results, can be overwhelming.
Website: looksmart.com


Popular search engine known for it's reliability. Cool ftp and mp3 search engine too.
Website: lycos.com


Meta-type engine that searches seven sites at once, puts then in order of relevance too. Coolness.
Website: mamma.com


Meta-search engine that actually uses the results from 5 other search engine (AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, PlanetSearch, and WebCrawler), but doesn't elimate duplicates.
Website: metacrawler.com


Microsoft enters the portal wars with this highly developed start page/search engine. Stock quotes, breaking news, and many other goodies you might like. Part of PC Magazine's Top 100 websites of 2000.
Website: msn.com


Now just NBCi (formerly called Snap), NBC's brain child search engine, seems somewhat limited. Has links to on site shopping center, internet communities, and other goodies.
Website: nbci.com


"Net Search offers the easiest way to find what you're searching for. With Net Search you can access a range of search and directory services from one page - one-stop shopping for search."
Website: netscape.com

Scrub the Web

Use their easy submit on-line program to submit your URL to all of the top search engines on the net completely FREE.
Gilbert, AZ, Tel 480-633-5548
Website: scrubtheweb.com

Search Engines Galore.com

A Meta IQ.com network site. Searches 15 or more engines for your keyword(s).
Website: searchenginesgalore.com


SearchCactus is a bid for placement search engine developed to provide users with the best search results on the web.
Website: searchcactus.com


We Submit your Website to over 3000 Search Engines and Directories.
Website: submitfire.com

Virgin Net

We aim to make things as easy as possible for you to get online.
Website: virgin.net


"Your guide to people on the Web." Brought to you by Lycos.com.
Website: whowhere.lycos.com


One of the best known & most popular search engines on the planet. You can search by category or directly by the name of that for which you're looking. Many other features including games, e-mail & auctions.
Website: yahoo.com

Internet Magazines (1 listings total)

Rating Services (2 listings total)


CR March 2000
Website: doubleclick.net


Delivers neat websites to your e-mail box every week. YIL Top 100/2000
Website: netsurf.com