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Religious Resources Online

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Religious Resources Online

Bible Gift Store

Specializing in the Best-Selling Bibles for all ages.
Tel 714-997-2159
E-mail: info@thebiblegiftstore.com; Website: thebiblegiftstore.com

Peter & John Radio Fellowship's Online Store

Bringing you the newest and best in Christian literature for you and your family.
Website: wrbs.com

Triangle Of Light - Jewels of Truth Cards

Jewels of Truth Cards based on A Course In Miracles and the Kabbalah.
Tel 541-271-0845
E-mail: info@acim-cards.com; Website: acim-cards.com

Buddhist (8 listings total)

Asian Classics Institute

Devoted to traditional Tibetan Buddhism
Tel 4757752
Website: world-view.org

Chogye International Zen Center of New York

Founded in 1975 by Zen Master Seung Sahn who is the first Korean Zen Master to live and teach in the West.
400 Tel 3530461
Fax: 4237890; E-mail: socratesAG@yahoo.com
Website: cizny.org

Ordinary Mind Zendo

The Zendo is a center for lay practice, and is particularly appropriate for those who wish to integrate psychotherapy practice.
Website: ordinarymind.com

Tibet Center, The

The Tibet Center provides a place where members and the general public can explore Buddhist teachings and practices as well as those of other faith communities.
107 Tel 7791841
Fax: 7793426; E-mail: info@thetibetcenter.org
Website: thetibetcenter.org

Tibet House

22 Tel 8070563
Fax: 8070565; E-mail: gandan@mindspring.com
Website: tibethouse.org

Tibetan Treasures

Toll-Free 877-479-6129
E-mail: sales@tibetantreasures.com; Website: tibetantreasures.com


Website: do-not-zzz.com

Zen Center of New York City (A.K.A. - Fire Lotus Zendo)

The website for the Zen Mountain Monastery. Information on Zen Buddhism and its practices.
betw 6th & 7th Avenues., Tel 6421591
E-mail: zcny@zen-mtn.org; Website: zen-mtn.org

Christian (15 listings total)

Christianbook Clearing House

Unbeatable prices on select Christian books.
Tel 616-292-6411
Fax: 616-742-6731; E-mail: sales@cbc-on-line.com
Website: christianbookclearinghouse.com

Family Christian Stores

Religious books, music, software, gifts, apparel, cards and more.
Website: familychristian.com


Online source for music, songbooks and video
Tel 800-533-6912
Website: Integritymedia.com

Parable Chrtistian Stores

Discount biles, Christain books, and videos. God rules!!!
Website: parable.com


Tel 800-955-1550

Catholic (4 listings total)

Archdiocese of New York

About the Cardinal, the Church's charity work, and links to affiliated schools.
Website: ny%2Darchdiocese.org

Christ the King Traditional Catholic Books & Gifts

Resource for Catholic books, gifts, software, videos, and audio tapes.
Tel 210-694-4475
E-mail: info@mycatholicstore.com; Website: mycatholicstore.com


Church-sanctioned ecumenical movement
Website: rc.net

Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Catholic evangelical movement
Website: propfaith.org

Jehovah's Witness (2 listings total)

Jehovah's Witnesses

Homepage of the world headquarters located in Brooklyn.
Website: watchtower.org


The official website of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. the legal organization in use by Jehovah's Witnesses. This is a source about the beliefs, teaching, and activities in 19 languages
Website: watchtower.org

Christian Science (1 listings total)


Maps for local churches
Website: scientology.org

Congregational (1 listings total)

Church of God in Christ

Revivalist congregation in Harlem
Website: members.aol.com

Presbyterian (1 listings total)

Presbytery of New York

Organization for New York city Presbyterians
Website: pnyc.org

Other Protestant (1 listings total)

Gay and Lesbian Christian Scientists

Discussions and reading groups.

Islam (1 listings total)

Jewish (7 listings total)

Chabad Lubavitch of the West Side

Chabad is dedicated to enriching Jewish life for all memebers of the community.
Tel 212-864-5010
E-mail: chabad@chabadwestwide.org; Website: chabadwestside.org

Congregation of Zarua

Congregation on the Upper East Side. Links, info about their school, directions and a schedule.
Website: orzarua.org

Frum Gay Jews

Gay and lesbian Jewish organization
Website: members.aol.com


Online Jewish dating service.
Website: jewishmall.com


Huge selection of Judaic books and products.
Website: judaism.com

Steven Wise Free Synagogue

Liberal, Reform Jewish synagogue uptiown
Website: swfs.org

Pagan (3 listings total)


Serving the wiccan and metaphysical community. Wicca products include Witchcraft, wicca products, oils, herbs, candles, spells, incense, products, athames.
Tel 213-448-9857
Website: metapot.com

NYC Pagan Resource Guide

Information, links, services, and classes.
Website: waningmoon.com

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

This site explains the beliefs and practices of the members of the ancient Celtic religious sect known as the Druids. It features beautiful, peaceful artwork. The Graphical Mystery Tour is recommended. There are also many links to religious, environmental and healing sites.
Website: druidry.com